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The Importance of AI to Marketers

Discover how agencies can be forerunners by combining their knowledge with the power of AI to boost ROI and company growth. In unpredictable times, agencies may add even more value by employing artificial intelligence to stay up with shifting customer behaviour.

Agencies as AI pioneers

AI is allowing significant improvements in every corner of the globe. AI-powered solutions, for example, have helped minimise false negatives and false positives in breast cancer screening and mammography by up to 9%. Meanwhile, the “Look to Speak” software employs artificial intelligence to offer everyone a voice by assisting persons with speech and motor disabilities to communicate using just eye movements to choose sentences on their phones.

When deployed to its full capacity, AI may aid in the resolution of many of the world's most difficult problems, including those encountered in digital marketing. The North Star for marketers and agencies is still to engage customers in meaningful ways that create business results. However, as individuals connect across an increasing number of platforms and touchpoints, this has become more difficult. Manual techniques are no longer adequate.

Marketers should seek advice from their partners as they endeavour to remain ahead of the curve. Agencies can be trailblazers, collaborating directly with clients to push the boundaries, reinvent digital strategies, and combine their knowledge with the power of AI to boost ROI and company success.

"With increased fragmentation and complexity," says Marla Kaplowitz, president, and CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, "AI-powered solutions are critical." "However, agencies must understand how AI and data are used to effectively yield the greatest return on behalf of clients."

Upskilling for Victory

The human judgement and intelligence underlying any marketing plan, including managing and driving AI technology, distinguish it.

AI enables agencies to increase the value of their knowledge to accomplish corporate objectives today while securing future development. In fact, over two-thirds of the organisations polled believe that using AI and machine learning to enhance and augment abilities is a high or essential priority.

"AI enables us to surface more insights and take actions more quickly," said Jeremy Hull, Brainlabs' chief product officer for North America. "It enables us to do more — move faster, improve performance, extract more value from the people we have, and lead them down an exciting career path."

AI enables agencies to deliver higher-value marketing services and achieve better outcomes for clients at all stages of digital maturity. According to recent data, even though leading marketers are more likely to have developed in-house digital marketing capabilities, they maintain strong agency connections. Leading marketers, on average, collaborate with more agencies than their less successful competitors. However, how they collaborate with agencies varies. Leading marketers, for example, focus on overall strategy, whereas ordinary marketers focus solely on campaign execution.

Marketers are increasingly choosing agency partners based on strategic effect and demonstrable commercial outcomes, rather than team size or billable hours necessary to manage campaigns. As a result, many agencies are abandoning traditional fixed-fee and retainer structures in favour of more flexible, growth-oriented approaches. 41% of agencies, for example, currently adopt performance-based remuneration methods. Agencies may achieve the business results for which they are now accountable by investing in new strategic areas that help fuel AI-powered solutions.

With a laser focus on outcomes, elite agencies are expanding their reach and reinvesting in new strategic areas.

"The mix of media versus human resource and technology is shifting," says Jellyfish Co-Founder and CEO Rob Pierre, "I don't think the industry has quite caught up with that yet." At Jellyfish, we prioritise results above hours. When the attitude shifts to outcome-based thinking, AI becomes more powerful, as does the potential to accomplish more with the marketing budget at hand."

The value of AI to digital marketing is significant, as AI-powered technologies and tools can help marketers make data-driven decisions, optimize campaigns, and personalize experiences for customers. DigitalXMarketing fosters a culture of innovation and encourages its team to experiment with new AI-powered marketing techniques. They can help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver better results for your clients. Contact us today to learn more.

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