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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Facebook Ads

Facebook has over two billion active users monthly.  There is much more to Facebook than your profile, page or news feed. 

It is a sophisticated digital marketing platform with complex features that can be used in many different ways.


Developing a Facebook ad strategy for your business can help grow your sales and achieve important business objectives.

With the use of Facebook Ads Manager, you can benefit by;

  • Reaching existing customers and new customers

  • Tailor your ads to specific business goals e.g. more website traffic or lead generation

  • Use of Call-to-Action buttons

  • Setting up ads for Brand Awareness, Conversions, and Lead Generation

  • Managing your budget from $5 per day

  • Serve ads beyond Facebook

  • Laser pin-point targeting  (Facebook ads can be targeted to people by location, age, gender, interests, demographics, behaviour and connections) 

  • Lookalike Audiences to scale promotions and campaigns

  • Multiple ad creative options  such as videos, images, slideshows, carousels, collections, or canvases

  • A/B testing

  • Data, Insights, and Analytics to measure your campaigns and success

Digital Advertising on mobile phone
LinkedIN Ads example

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has 830 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide with over 58 million registered company pages. 

The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful.

Better results and lower costs are precisely why LinkedIn advertising needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy.

If your business or role is involved with B2B, then you may want to consider whether LinkedIn is the right platform for you to grow your business.

LinkedIn ads often yield higher conversion rates than other platforms, which makes them perfect for lead generation.

LinkedIn allows you to target by very exclusive criteria that you will not find anywhere else, such as:

Company names – in which companies does your audience work?
Company growth rate – so you can reach fast-growing organisations;
Degrees – what is the educational background of your target?
Member schools – where exactly did they study?
Job Seniorities – do you want to reach interns, or top-level executives?
Job Titles – so you can target by the exact job title you want to reach;
Member Skills – find people with very specific skills and qualifications;
Member Groups – target people within certain industry groups

Google Ads

Google Ads example

The Google Ads platform is about understanding how Search advertising works.


Google Ads is an effective way to drive qualified traffic, or good-fit customers, to your business who're searching for products and services like the ones you offer. With Google Ads, you can boost your website traffic, receive more phone calls, and increase in-store visits.


Google Ads gives you control over how you spend your money. There's no minimum. And you can choose how much you spend per month, per day, and per ad. You'll only pay when someone clicks your ad.

  • Target your ads

  • Control your costs

  • Measure your success

  • Manage your campaigns

Listen to what our customers have to say about us...

"We wanted to build brand awareness of our firm. DigitalxMarketing's strategy with Facebook and Google has made it easy for us and we don't have to worry."

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