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Wix Studio: Wix latest website development platform

Wix Studio

Wix Studio is the new web creation platform designed for agencies and freelancers, aimed at enhancing efficiency and speed in your work.

Studio amalgamates out-of-the-box business solutions, such as eCommerce and Bookings, with advanced features like custom CSS and built-in responsiveness. This allows you to create websites that precisely meet each client's requirements on an unprecedented scale. The newly designed workspace ensures a seamless workflow and client handoff.

Here's a comprehensive overview of the noteworthy features of Wix Studio:

Advanced design capabilities:

Proportional scale: With Studio, elements scale by default, minimising the need for extensive adjustments per breakpoint.

Intuitive responsiveness: Built-in responsive behaviours, such as scaling proportionally, hugging, fixing, or fitting, simplify design work.

Responsive AI: Instantly make any page or section responsive with Studio's AI helper, adapting designs for any device effortlessly.

No-code interactions and animations: Utilise a variety of no-code interactions like hover, click, scroll, loop, entrance, and background scroll.

Custom CSS: Dive deep into your creations, tweak features, and build signature experiences with custom CSS.

Business solutions for any industry:

Native business solutions: Wix Studio offers professional solutions for eCommerce, bookings, events, multilingual capabilities, blogs, and pricing plans.

Professional developer tools: Customise, extend, and replace native Wix business logic with APIs and SPIs. Develop and sell applications with Wix Blocks.

Seamless collaboration with your team:

Workspace: The new Wix Studio workspace is tailored for agencies and freelancers, providing easy access to all your websites, reusable templates, and widgets.

Collaboration tools: Enjoy concurrent editing, custom roles and permissions, and design libraries for efficient teamwork.

Marketing solutions:

Automatic SEO updates: Wix Studio features are built with SEO in mind, ensuring your clients are set up for success on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Bulk actions: Implement SEO tasks at scale with tech SEO defaults and automations, saving time and minimising errors.

Deep, native integrations: Wix integrates directly with platforms like Google, Bing, Amazon, and Etsy for seamless functionality.

Your own marketing toolkit: Connect to preferred apps using Wix’s extensive app market or build and embed apps and integrations with custom code.

Wix Studio provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to elevate your web creation experience.

If you want to learn more about Wix Studio, contact DigitalxMarketing today.

DigitalxMarketing is a certified Wix partner.

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