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Wix Marketing Integration

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Digital marketing should be at the top of your list of priorities if you want to or currently have a website. It is really important for you to market your website. As a result of the industry’s rapid growth, you must keep abreast of the new resources that have become accessible and update your website in accordance with the most recent industry trends.

Wix integrations are the ideal combination to incorporate into your website and launch your website globally. Wix marketing integrations take care of everything, from tracking the results of your website update/ advertisement to gathering information regarding your visitors' participation.

Utilise your preferred marketing tools with your Wix site by linking them with Wix Marketing Integrations. Link your website to services like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel to start tracking your online campaigns, gathering insightful data on visitor behavior, and gaining useful insights for site improvement.

Here are the recommended Wix integrations to promote and better understand your website’s performance:

Google Analytics

Provide information on the origin of who visits your website and what they do there.

Monitor how many people visit a page, specifically on what page they stay, the duration of their visit, and the search terms they used to locate your website.

Facebook Pixel and CAPI

Monitor the results of your Facebook advertisements, check conversion rates, and more.

Link your website automatically to your Facebook Business Account, Facebook Pixel, and the newest Facebook Conversions API (CAPI).

Google Tag Manager

Incorporate a tag management system using Google Tag Manager.

Keep track of updates to your tags and outside code snippets in one easy-to-access place.

Google Ads

Create a tailored remarketing ad strategy and employ conversion tracking to gain insightful data.

Display targeted advertisements to visitors who have already been to your website and track the conversions that individuals make after clicking or viewing your Google promotion.

Facebook Catalog

Through a variety of sales methods, advertise your store's merchandise on Facebook.

The name, description, and price of your products are automatically updated in your Facebook catalog.

Yandex Metrica

The actions of visitors to your website are measured and analyzed.

Identify the channels that are bringing in your audience by getting in-depth traffic information about your desktop and mobile users in real time.


Manage who is permitted to promote on your website by adding your own Authorized Digital Sellers (ads.txt) file.

The above list are the basic ones but there are more than a hundred tools and apps you can integrate with Wix.

You can add integrations to your site from the Marketing Integrations section of your site's dashboard. To add an integration:

  1. Go to Marketing Integrations in your site's dashboard.

  2. Find the integration that you want to add.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Follow the instructions to complete set up.

Do you need help integrating these tools to your Wix website?

DigitalxMarketing can help!

Call us today and discover how we can help to grow your business.

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