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Wix as an SEO tool

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

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Search Engine Optimization is referred to as SEO. It is the process of increasing search engine traffic to a website or web page, both in terms of quality and volume. This makes your website more readable for search engines, which helps the search engines better index your site with more relevant and accurate search results. While SEO takes some effort, the more you optimise, the better search engines will be able to interpret the content of your website and direct more people to it.

Search engine optimization takes into account how search engines operate, the computer algorithms that control search engine behavior, what people search for, the actual search phrases or keywords entered into search engines, and which search engines are favored by their intended audience. A search engine is the equivalent of a library in the digital age where they keep copies of web pages rather than books.

For Wix website owners, don’t need to worry about installing plug-ins to your website to help you with your SEO, Wix already has a robust SEO toolset built into every website. Wix has worked hard to catch up to rivals WordPress and Weebly in the last couple of years. Today, it boasts a wide range of SEO features that are practical and easy to use.

With a strong SEO foundation to compete in naturally generated search, all Wix sites are supported by a reliable infrastructure that satisfies search engine requirements. It enhances your website's performance in search results. For your website, you can create custom meta tags, URLs, canonical tags, structured data markup, robots.txt files, and more. Wix SEO tools like bulk 301 redirects, immediate Google indexing, patterned meta tags for usage across several pages, and more, you can work more efficiently, quickly, and cooperatively.

Every Wix Website Has a Complete Range of SEO Tools

You have a good head start on SEO thanks to Wix's infrastructure, which is in line with the requirements of search engine crawlers/bots to best support site performance. It also creates URLs that can be modified and renders the content on the server. Your site's information, pages, and the connections between them are all kept up to date by Wix, which also develops and maintains your XML sitemap. To speed up page loading, all of your images are also instantly resized, compressed, and converted to WebP.

Wix allows you the option to use or change the default meta tags, URL structure, slugs, structured data markup, and other SEO options. In addition, rather than updating each page separately, you can develop your own SEO logic and apply it to numerous pages of the same type.

Wix adds structured data markups to dynamic sites like products, events, blog entries, and more in accordance with Google's suggestions for rich results. Your pages are therefore immediately qualified to show up as rich results. Use variables to change Wix's built-in defaults, add numerous markups to pages of the same type at once, and create your own markups.

By making 301 permanent redirects for outdated URLs, you can keep your link equity. Redirect manually any URLs that follow the same path, whether they are singular or in groups. You can import up to 500 URLs at once or export a CSV file of all your redirects to save time when performing bulk redirects.

Using the Wix dashboard, validate your domain and have Google Search Console automatically build properties for you. Start tracking your site's search performance right away and without the inconvenience of manual verification.

Here are some of the Improved Wix SEO Components:

Editor for Robots.txt

A robots.txt file is created for your website by Wix automatically. Edit this file to instruct bots on how to index and crawl your website.

Formatted data markup

Product sites, events, blog/forum entries, and more are all given the structured data markup that is necessary for them to qualify as rich results in search engine results.

With custom markups created using your preferred schema generator tools, you can change Wix's pre-built presets.

Additionally, you may use variables to simultaneously add and change various structured data markups on pages with the same sort of content.

Server Side Rendering (SSR)

The SSR-based infrastructure of Wix enables search engines to completely read the content of your website. Bots can crawl, view, and collect pertinent data by using dedicated versions of your pages that have been optimized.

URL Personalization

You can change the URL structure of your product pages and blog posts as well as the slugs Wix automatically generates for all of your site pages.

Sitemap updates, 301 redirects for impacted URLs, and canonical and other pertinent meta tag updates are all handled automatically by Wix.

Personalized meta tags

All of your pages automatically produce SEO-friendly meta tags, such as title tags, meta descriptions, and open graph tags.

Tags can be modified, changed, or added to personalize sites for search engines.

Meta Tags for Robots

Robots meta tags are automatically added to your website by Wix.

Create custom default setups to instruct search engines how to deal with the pages on your website. Apply them all at once to a few pages or just one.

Official Tags

Wix automatically sets the canonical tags, but you can always change them.

If you want search engines to index your principal versions of sites, edit your default canonical tags.

Expansion of Social Sharing

You can create unique sharing settings for your pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Choose your Twitter card size, then attach your own images, names, and descriptions to each page of your website.

Utilize variables to set rules for each section or page of your website, or use free text to apply the same title and description to each page.

SEO Design

Using free text or variables, you may edit and alter social sharing features, structured data markups, and meta tags using the SEO Patterns tool.

By doing so, you may design and apply the same logic to all page types at once, rather than modifying each page individually.

Sitemaps in XML

Sitemaps are automatically created and updated by Wix, keeping all site information, pages, and their connections current.

This map is used by search engines to locate and crawl the pages on your selected website.

Numerous 301 redirects

301 redirects should be created permanently for various URLs. The URL Redirect Manager enables you to manually configure redirects for a single URL or a collection of URLs that follow the same path.

You can import up to 500 URLs at once by uploading a CSV file of your own. Redirects that were not properly configured or 301 loops that were made will result in error messages.

Report on Bot logs

Examine your log data to learn more about how search engine bots crawl your website.

To find problems and possibilities, use analytics reports such as Bot Traffic Over Time, Bot

Traffic by Page, and Response Status Over Time. These reports can be scheduled to arrive in your inbox right away.

Caching and Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

In addition to our own CDN solution, Wix interacts with other CDN providers. This enables us to automatically cache both static and dynamic user content, ensuring that your site loads quickly regardless of your location, network, or device.

Picture enhancement

Wix automatically improves site pictures for quality, search, and quicker downloads.

While larger photos are frequently compressed and turned into WebP format, SEO-friendly formats are also available (when supported by browsers).

Wix Blog's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Get your blog entries to load more quickly on mobile devices.


A mobile-friendly version of your site is automatically created by Wix.

Start with Editor X to develop projects on a completely responsive platform.

Developer-friendly SEO APIs

Use the Velo APIs to modify your SEO settings from client-side code. For your web pages, import the wix-seo module to change link tags, meta tags, structured data markup, and more.

To schedule and carry out automatic content changes or to do mass meta tag edits, affix your own JavaScript and play about with some of the HTML on your website.

Google Business Profile Consolidation

Your Wix dashboard is where you create and manage your business profile.

Connect with your clients via Google Search and Maps, handle reviews, and get insightful data to raise your profile.

Implementation of Google Search Console

Directly from your Wix dashboard, validate your domain and submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.

Website validation

On Bing, Yandex, Naver, and Pinterest, you validate your website, validate ownership, and monitor site performance.

Checklist for SEO Setup

Get a personalized SEO Setup Checklist to help you with the fundamentals of optimization.

To link your website to Google Search Console, monitor site statistics, and begin enhancing your site's search engine exposure, follow a set of simple actions based on SEO best practices.

Event Monitoring

By integrating third-party marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Facebook pixels, you may deliver events automatically and monitor visitor activity.

To generate and monitor unique events, use the trackEvent API for Velo.

Wix Analytics

Analyze how users engage with your website by monitoring visits, orders, conversion rates, and revenue directly from the site dashboard.

SSL certificate verification

The highest international security standards are met by all Wix sites, which all come with an SSL certificate and encrypt data over an HTTPS connection.

SEO for sites that are multilingual

Wix Multilingual lets you customize SEO parameters for any language you want to target.

Deepcrawl consolidation

Perform a technical inspection on your website to identify and resolve any SEO problems that might be affecting your integral administration with Deepcrawl.

On the Wix App Market, you can purchase this specially created app.


Wix has definitely improved their SEO tools immensely and is a fantastic choice for those small business owners who do not have a team of SEO specialists or IT Team. It is an awesome choice especially great if you're not quite confident with SEO. It's a great approach to learning the fundamentals because it comes with built-in help and guidance, and if you are more familiar with the process, you can still apply advanced techniques.

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