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Tips for creating powerful digital advertising

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Without a doubt, Facebook is a great tool for marketers.

According to HubSpot Blog Research, 62% of businesses are already using Facebook, making it the most widely used social media network for advertising in 2022.

Additionally, Facebook has demonstrated to produce the highest ROI of any social media network.

However, if you have a small budget, it can be scary to start with Facebook advertising. You don't want to waste all of your advertising dollars before you've developed a reliable, successful long-term marketing plan.

Tips from Meta's Director of Ads for Creating Effective Facebook Ads

1. Ensure simplicity.

You could feel overpowered by the variety of possibilities when you first begin using Facebook ads. You can design a boosted ad, a video ad, a poll ad, or a carousel ad, for example (to name a few).

Ribeiro suggests avoiding overcomplicating things when you initially start off. As he states, "One issue I've noticed with new Facebook Ads users is that they see the extensive options we have in our Ads Manager and attempt to play with everything without really understanding how it all works. Because they are either not sufficiently focused or are using the incorrect capabilities, they wind up wasting money."

To put it another way: Don't try to do too much, too soon.

Facebook ad mistakes with a quote from Tarcisio

Your first step should be to decide whether your goal is to raise recognition, traffic, engagement, leads, or sales. And instead of making a more complicated movie or carousel, start with a boosted post, which is a simple way to find out who your target market is. (More to follow on that.)

After that, think about taking the time to look into the tools that might assist you in producing an optimised advertisement. Ribeiro advises brand-new Facebook Ads users to invest in the Meta Blueprint training sessions.

2. Be aware of your audience's specific needs.

It's crucial, according to Ribeiro, to comprehend the audience you're going to target—or, more specifically, who is most likely to become a consumer.

In order to ensure that your target audience grows more refined over time, it is also crucial that you are prepared to iterate.

"For instance, maybe you sell baby strollers," Ribeiro suggests. In addition to that, your target market may have specific qualities, such as being more affluent or having parents who are constantly on the go and require a lightweight stroller. You may initially have ten distinct types of profiles interested in purchasing your stroller. However, you'll find that 20% of those viewers are the ones that are most inclined to buy your goods over time."

You can find a more focused and niche demographic to target with the use of Facebook ads. If we use the aforementioned example, you might have anticipated that parents in the Boston suburbs would buy your strollers, but your Ads analytics show that majority of your customers are located in the city. You can modify your advertising plan as you start to identify who your genuine consumer is. Facebook optimization advice from meta

Once you've determined who your target market is, you can use Facebook's Lookalike tool to make sure that your advertising are reaching people who share the same traits as your current customers.

3. Pay close attention to originality.

As a result, it's critical that you pay attention to how you're developing your advertisement because "one of the first things users notice and respond on is going to be your creative," Ribeiro told me.

An advertisement's visual elements, whether they take the shape of a picture, a video, or another format, are referred to as its "creative" in this context.

Think about the playful, lively, and colourful designs in the Blue Bunny Ice Cream creative, which is displayed below:

Your users' attention must be drawn to the advertisement itself. If you're unclear of the type of creative that will connect with your audience the most, try A/B testing various approaches to see which is most effective.

The kind of advertisement you produce is another crucial factor to think about. Rbeiro claims: "Given that video is the most engaging, it always performs the best. But for video, you don't need a huge budget or expensive equipment. Through our cooperation with Vimeo, small businesses who merely have photographs can actually turn those pictures into videos in our Ads Manager."

Whether you're prepared to begin using Facebook Ads or advance your ad strategy, hopefully these three pointers have helped you zero in on what's most important.

The strength of Facebook Ads lies in the wide range of tools and capabilities it provides businesses; however, it's crucial that you start small, take the time to pinpoint your precise target market, and create content that will inspire your audience to act.

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