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Prop-HR and DigitalxMarketing enter Strategic Partnership to Address Global Skill Shortages. DxM appointed exclusive NZ Partner. International Search Campaigns launching January 2024

January 10, 2024

Wellington New Zealand

Prop-HR is excited to announce the forming of a strategic partnership with DigitalxMarketing (DxM). Jared Gurrey Director of Business Development at Prop-HR says: “The decision to partner with DxM is an unequivocal no-brainer! DxM is a well-established business growth and digital marketing consultancy possessing exceptional experience in Global relocation; both significant Immigration and Education industry knowledge; and all the in-house skills needed to support novel business models such as Prop-HR’s. Close-coupled with DxM’s strong tech-forward approach, extensive off-shoring capabilities, and strong networks in APAC, DxM demonstrates its experience in delivering international talent mobility solutions.

Prop-HR, an Australian-based Human Resources company is completing the launch of Its own Digital Recruitment Marketplace in 2024–to complement and build on its’ initial core Recruitment Business. The Web Platform focuses on enabling low-cost, fixed-price, recruiting, HR consulting and automated skills assessment solutions for employers and recruiters facing localised and regionally compartmentalised skills shortages in an increasingly fragmented Global Talent Market.

The Partnership will establish a dedicated, bricks-and-mortar presence in New Zealand; develop Online digital footprints; run campaigns directly in the NZ market as well as managing, global digital recruitment programmes. Founder of DxM, Mathew Collins, brings substantial experience in global immigration, skills shortage identification and relocation management to the table. Mathew’s initial focus is to help Prop-HR identify, relocate, and effectively manage skills mobility in high-demand verticals such as utilities and mining.

Mathew notes: “Our package of talent identification tools, employer networks, and support systems for candidates will help streamline the daunting and confusing recruitment process – including relocating to another country – will deliver better outcomes for employers and candidates alike.”

Mathew is enthusiastic about the partnership opportunity, stating: "This partnership with Prop-HR aligns seamlessly with both companies' commitments to providing comprehensive technological solutions to global mobility and skills shortages problems. We look forward to leveraging our combined strengths to make a positive impact on the talent landscape."

The joint efforts between Prop-HR and DigitalxMarketing signify a shared commitment to fostering international collaborations and addressing the evolving challenges in the global workforce. The partnership is expected to bring innovative solutions to the forefront, creating opportunities for businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive and dynamic environment.

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