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Make your own Wix website - Digital Boost features DigitalxMarketing

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

On May 12, 2022, Digital Boost launched a live stream on Facebook with the intent of discussing identifying ideal customers. Joining them is the speaker Maria Chua, a Senior Digital Marketing Account Manager of DigitalxMarketing, demonstrating a presentation on creating a website through Wix, a well-known website builder known for its easy and accessible features, also used by multiple start-up business owners.

DigitalxMarketing is a business service dedicated to enhancing various types of businesses through analytical procedures. Through their services and a team of digital business experts, they approach digital strategy, digital marketing assistance, and digital training and education, factors needed to help build a business. Additionally, they are also conscious of digital influence and social media marketing. Through their business expertise, they can collaborate with various digital business services, ending up as an alliance of Digital Boost.

On the other hand, Digital Boost is a business service stationed in New Zealand that focuses on the importance of digital influence. To assist other businesses, big or small, they have formed the Digital Boost Alliance, a platform dedicated to providing free digital courses, workshops, offers, and anything correlated with business growth.

The live presentation demonstrates an overview of the Wix website builder. Maria discusses the basic features and tools used on the website, stating the importance of web design and emphasizing the need for having an online background for sustainability. Inquiries were then made to further discuss the different capabilities found in the software. Maria has already given three presentations for Digital Boost; the other two dealt with identifying ideal customers and establishing a landing page, so Digital Boost and DigitalxMarketing have participated together on several occasions, assisting new business owners.

DigitalxMarketing works with various businesses, and none of them is the same. This demonstrates their team's adaptability, experience, and commitment to providing customized workshop designs for each business, filled with various courses covering any digital marketing specialism or skill area.

Through this form of service, DigitalxMarketing has demonstrated its capability to showcase itself as a proper business associate, filled with excellent experts who know what they're doing. They understand what it's like to start a business and the many challenges a business faces, especially in an online setting, where there are many uncertainties. This understanding is crucial to many businesses targeted to support different organizations, and DigitalxMarketing understands the circumstance, making them an ideal business partner to cooperate with.

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