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Learn or Die: Why Strategy and Learning are the solutions for Digital Marketing & Business Growth.

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

No one would have been able to plan for the events of 2020.

If you were not transforming your digital at the beginning of 2020 you should be now. More businesses, companies and organisations accept the fact that one of the biggest changes due to COVID has been the acceleration and adoption of everything Digital. If your business is not implementing a process of Digital Transformation then it is unlikely your business, company or organisation will be around in five years.

You need to quickly learn how to engage, connect and communicate with your customers, prospects and audience using the most up to date technologies. What you were doing last year is likely already outdated. You need to find what Digital Channels they are in and what they do Online. You need to make potential purchasers of your products or services aware of who you are, what you do, what you sell and understand the Customer Journey they go on before they convert into customers.

Yes, 2021 brings many more challenges but with challenges come new opportunities. With all this change, we can learn to survive by pivoting our business, implementing digital marketing and tactics, developing new sales strategies, improving our service delivery and all manner of things to meet the needs of our clients. The technology is there to do it!

So exactly where do we start, what is the future and how do we best prepare our business to be agile and ready for that future?

DigitalxMarketing can provide the answers to these questions.

10-20 years ago a Business Owner or Company Executive was starting to understand that there was a whole new basket of marketing opportunities with digital. No longer would they be limited to TV, Radio and Print media to advertise their products and services. Digital then would have only been a small part of their total marketing strategy. Today, digital is everything.

No longer is the traditional Digital Marketing Agency the solution to their challenge all business face in 2021. Many businesses have been burnt with promises of getting on the first page of Google, with invisible SEO Black Hat tactics and other low-level digital tactics that failed to provide a return on investment. The days of the monthly Digital Agency/Client meeting where some youngster shows a few Google Graphs with arrows pointing upwards are over. The solution is more sophisticated and needs to be developed in consultation with identifying the direction to go in.

Digital Marketing has evolved, it has become more complicated. The momentum for change has sped up at a pace bewildering to even digital specialists. Businesses need to identify a way to move forward, gain that competitive edge and continue to grow while making sure you keep your customers happy

The fact is the overwhelming number of companies and people are way behind their technological potential.

The main reason for this is that current skills, education, training and learning have not adapted to the pace and speed of technological innovation. University curriculums can take 3-4 years to be reviewed and upgraded. That is several lifetimes in the Digital Universe. Likewise, Online self-learning is not structured enough, has too many course options and is worthless without hands-on experience. Many people with good intentions spent lots of time learning content they were never going to use or benefit from.

DigitalxMarketing has developed a new approach to helping companies find the solution. It is lower-cost than the Agency solution and can be implemented quickly so you can ensure you are not falling behind your competitors.

For many companies, Digital Marketing is such a big part of their operations today that outsourcing to an Agency is risky without them having the intimate knowledge of your products and services. The cost structure means you lose a big percentage of your spend that could be used to do more advertising to generate more leads, more conversions, more sales and provides a bigger return on investment. The time delay to implement plans, strategies and campaigns is also a major problem. By next month's review meeting your Competitor has built, launched and monetised several sales funnels and marketing campaigns.

The Company and businesses that will be the winners in the future are those that take back control, can understand what they need to do and how they need to do it. A new type of expertise, solution and strategy has evolved to help with that.

At DigitalxMarketing we advocate that in 2021 where you and your business needs to be and what you need is:

  • You need a Digital Strategy relevant to your business, business model, industry, for the products and services you are selling. There is a no one-size-fits-all solution. If you don’t have the right strategy your business will not be heading in the right direction. You may be left behind by your competitors. You need to do the research, analytics and testing to find what will work for you. You need the right Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.

  • Once you have your strategy you need to know what to do to implement it and the tools and platforms your business needs to execute the strategy. It is time to ensure you know what you are doing and how it needs to be done. You need to invest in training and on-the-job skills development. You need to develop the framework and learn how to implement, test and measure the tactics you start to use. This way your Team will soon learn the skills they need to control, manage and implement your own Digital Marketing.

DigitalxMarketing are Certified Digital Marketing Strategists. We have partnered with Digital Marketer the largest and most successful Digital Marketing Training company in the world to ensure we have the largest range and most up-to-date Digital Training resources, tools, frameworks and content. This ensures we have the ability to train your team on what they need to know.

We work closely with businesses to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy that is fit for purpose and then support teams and staff with the training and support to ensure they learn how to do what they need to do. Learning by doing is the most effective way to learn.

It has been widely accepted that companies, businesses and organisations that develop the knowledge within their organisation, provide training and education to their human resource and then give them the hands-on experience they need to gain the skills to deliver the strategy will be the winners of the future.

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