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Train your team with the latest digital marketing skills. 

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

There are two blockbuster reasons why you should be training your staff with the latest digital marketing skills, and a number of additional advantages as well.

We all know the world has changed since COVID, especially with the increased reliance being placed on digital marketing, as more companies sell online and dive deeper into what many see as a digital abyss. Digital training will help, but only if you are using the very latest digital methods.

It is not only the pandemic that has sparked focus on digital training, but the realisation that the very existence of many businesses is dependent on their ability to adapt and apply the latest of digital techniques, whether online centric or not. It has been said that digital marketing is one of the biggest changes in commerce since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, and it is not a great stretch to see why.

The first big reason why you should train staff is because no one knows your business better than you and empowering staff will mean much more accuracy with your digital marketing strategy. Your staff will be very happy to be trained and certified in key disciplines of digital marketing. Staff naturally have an advantage over outside agencies because they live and breath your business. This then means better results and more sales. Think of the time taken to educate and advise agencies and consultants. In many instances much of your digital strategy could be capably done by your own team without all the angst and inaccuracies that arise from trying to educate outsiders. Your company results will not be at the mercy of outsiders who do not understand the heart and soul of your business anything as well as you.

The second major reason you would undertake high level digital training is to keep ahead of the latest digital trends. Do not assume your agency or consultant will be, because the chances are they won’t. Trends change at a bewilderingly fast pace, and last year’s hot tickets may as well be last centuries. Using the biggest and best training company will ensure you are ahead of the game and at the cutting edge of digital trends.

The nub of this cuts across the real benefits of digital. Firstly, is the precision and accuracy you can expect and, secondly, there is hardly a person on earth that takes breath that you cannot reach or access by digital means. However, the covenant is the utter bewildering array of digital media available which, moreover, changes by the day. The landscape has been described as a splattered pizza, such is the variety of media available.

And yet enacting precision marketing is comparatively easy once you have the framework and tools to achieve it. The key is not only training your staff in the methods, but ensuring that the training curriculum is absolutely at the cutting edge, which you get with DigitalxMarketing as Certified Partners of DigitalMarketer, the world’s biggest and best digital marketing training company. With real time data gleaned from 68 countries and over 120,000 customers, it not hard to see why the training material is light years ahead of traditional training institutions steeped in non current information and methods.

Using high end commercial training expertise is not a nice-to-have advantage, it is mission critical to your success. As alluded to above, digital trends becomes quickly outdated. Many business still cling to the old crutch that they know half of their marketing works, but not which half. This then removes the very core advantage of digital, knowing exactly what works and what is not.

An obvious advantage of using digital marketing training for upskilling your team is the cost reduction that occurs from reducing reliance on outside agencies. These saving can be substantial, along with having greater control and better outcomes over your digital destiny.

Much of the planning and execution of digital marketing strategy is a pragmatical exercise that could easily be carried out by an upskilled and motivated in-house team. You could then confine outside agencies, for example maybe for outright creative ideas. but whatever their instructions, they will be precise and an accurate reflection of your business. Cost savings plus being on-the-money.

Digital marketing and online activities need no longer be a mystery and digital training will provide enlightenment. In fact, in many respects, digital is easier to come to grips with than traditional non digital marketing due to the precision and verifiable accuracy that digital offers. You no longer need to guess what part of your marketing is working. Everything is measurable and accountable.

Having control of your marketing through better understanding of digital with a great training program will provide you rich rewards.

DigitalxMarketing, as trusted partners of DigitalMarketer, bring significant experience to the table. The directors have had many successful start-ups-to-exits over the past 30 years, with combined 120 years commercial and marketing experience. Added to DigitalMarketers position as the top commercial training and strategy company in the world, they together provide unsurpassed training content and certifications for your company.

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