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Is Video Advertising Effective?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Since the first YouTube video was uploaded 15 years ago, we've gone a long way. What appeared to be a transitory trend at the time has now become a permanent fixture in our lives. Most of us can't imagine browsing through our social media accounts without pausing to watch a video. Whether it's a viral video that goes viral or a promotional video that encourages you to click "purchase," this medium is here to stay. All of this leads to the question, "How effective is video advertising?"

Brands used to advertise on broadcast and cable television, but they are increasingly turning to digital ads. As a result, marketers are not only boosting their video ad budgets, but also using modern channels instead of old delivery methods.

Advertisers can use digital video advertisements for data collecting, brand exposure, increased targeting, and customisation, which are features that traditional TV ads can't match. Because digital video advertising allows advertisers to communicate with people in a format that they prefer, they are the way of the future.

Video ads have progressed from being a minor component of your total digital marketing strategy to playing a significant part in attracting new clients. According to HubSpot research, more than half of consumers prefer to see videos from companies over any other sort of content.

To appeal to the general audience, brands must clearly develop their own video marketing approach. This isn't a new concept; most firms are already aware of the numerous advantages that video can provide. Indeed, 92 percent of marketers consider video to be a critical component of their overall marketing strategy. Of course it is: the typical consumer watches 84 minutes of web video each day. If they see your video, you can expect higher conversion rates and more shares, assuming it resonates with them.

Here are the following reasons why video ads is the future of digital marketing:

Video Attracts Customers

It's no secret that people enjoy watching videos, so giving them what they want can help your business shine. It's clear to understand where you should focus your marketing efforts when 6 out of 10 of them say they'd forsake television in favour of web videos. Sure, outbound tactics like TV and radio commercials can still help you promote your company, but you need something more memorable that will stick with customers. That something is unmistakably video.

It's simple to see why this tool appeals to customers. Consider things from your point of view. Do you enjoy sifting through large blocks of text to learn about a new product? Or would you rather watch a short film that conveys a clear message? Something tells us that you, like us, would choose the latter. The New York Times, for example, isn't ashamed to declare that we live in a post-text world. Reading prose on a screen, according to the venerable newspaper, is becoming obsolete.

If given the option to choose between text and video, 59 percent of CEOs said they would choose the latter. Younger generations, notably Generation Z, have a stronger appetite for video material. According to Forbes, if you want to attract them to your business, employ videos, as this demographic is increasingly adopting a digital lifestyle.

Finally, simply mentioning video in an email to your subscribers can boost click rates by 300 percent. Video advertising will bring your brand and everything you have to offer to life!

Video ads have higher engagement

Users are drawn to video ads because they combine two things that attract their attention: movement and sound. Both of these factors contribute to an effective message and, as a result, increased engagement.

Video advertising uses movement and music to catch visitor attention, whereas picture and text ads rely on language, punctuation, and visual clues to express the intended tone. The ad format is more effective at presenting your story to your target audience in a targeted, easy-to-understand format.

Video commercials that pique users' curiosity and then follow up with a compelling final call-to-action are sure to keep them interested.

According to studies, the average user remembers 95% of a message when it is viewed versus 10% when it is read. This indicates that prospects are more likely to remember your message through a video advertisement than from an image or text advertisement. Furthermore, a positive video ad experience enhances a user's buy intent by 97 percent and brand association by 139 percent.

Video ads have higher a click-through rate

Because video commercials tell a better story than traditional banner advertising, they are better at not only engaging audiences but also generating more clicks.

According to a study conducted, video advertisements in mobile apps have a 7.5 times better CTR than display ads. Video advertisements on Facebook also have a greater CTR than image ads. A digital marketing business discovered that video ads resulted in 20 to 30 percent higher clicks for their clients than image ads.

Though creating video advertising takes more time and money, their ability to effectively tell your narrative allows you to engage more prospects and acquire more ad clicks.

Video Influences Purchasing Decision

Video is not only popular with consumers, but it also has an impact on their purchasing decisions. Indeed, 90% of them say that this marketing tool aids consumers in making purchasing decisions. If they are undecided, their first instinct is to conduct study. And if your company uses video to promote its products, people are more inclined to choose you over a competition. This is especially true for the millennial generation. Specifically, when it comes to purchase decisions, 80 percent of millennials examine video content.

As a result, creating video advertisements is critical in today's industry. You can use this medium to promote your services in a variety of ways. For example, you can write product reviews and highlight all of your product's unique qualities. However, don't just use one video kind to move customers along the sales funnel; experiment with several formats.

Combine video with social media marketing to further influence customer purchasing decisions, since this may be even more effective in getting your audience to their shopping carts.

Visual Is Better

The fundamental reason for this is that visual learners account for 65 percent of the world's population. As a result, our brain prefers and reacts to video over a page of text because it recalls visual content better. In reality, when watching a video, the average consumer retains 95% of the message. When you compare this to the 10% we remember when we read anything, it's easy to see why we feel pictures are better.

You can use text, music, links, and photos in your films to interest your audience and ensure that they remember your brand. This is a feature that no other marketing tool has. As a result, it's reasonable to conclude that video reigns supreme in content marketing. Not only that, but we can also deduce that in today's industry, pictures are the key to success. Any firm can benefit from video advertising.

Video Is the Best Storyteller

Videos are popular because they are amusing, instructive, and inspirational. Videos, for all means and purposes, are excellent storytellers. As a result, you'll use this medium to bring your product or service closer to your customers. After all, moving visuals are more effective at grabbing the viewer's attention than static images. It goes without saying that if you already have someone's attention, telling your narrative and marketing your business is much easier.

Video advertising is effective because it allows firms to interact with their customers. Not only that, but businesses may use this tool to motivate and interact with their devoted customers. Another thing you may do is elicit empathy from your audience. Storytelling is built on this foundation. Customers will feel more at ease and begin to trust your brand if they can put a face to your firm. As a result, they'll be devoted to you.

Video Increases Revenue

Marketing videos, believe it or not, can help you increase income more quickly. Indeed, as many as 49% of marketers think that using video instead of non-video material increases revenue. This is due in part to the medium's increased popularity, with 78 percent of consumers watching internet videos at least once a week.

Offering video material that clearly defines what you provide can help you convert prospects into paying customers, resulting in increased revenue. After all, most customers require that final boost of confidence before making a purchase. And if they come upon a video on your website that explains how your product can help them address their problems, they're more likely to click 'purchase' without second-guessing themselves.

Trust us when we say that video advertising has the potential to generate a sizable cash stream in the long run! When used appropriately, it can produce a larger return on investment than nearly any other sort of material.

Video Boosts Conversion Rates

Some marketers reach a stalemate and, despite their best efforts, are unable to raise conversion rates. They try practically everything to encourage their clients to fulfil a goal, but they can't seem to get there. It's possible that they haven't yet taken advantage of video advertising. After all, static graphics and text blocks can only take you so far.

Videos are ideal for increasing conversion rates since they are entertaining and engaging. According to one study, including them on your landing page can raise your conversion rate by as much as 80%! So it's possible that a lack of video on your site is preventing your visitors from converting. Give them videos if they're looking for information to dispel any reservations they might have about your brand.

After all that has been said about how effective video ads are and you are still not confident on how to include it in your digital marketing strategy, DigitalxMarketing can help you. DigitalxMarketing provides strategies to help your business grow. We make data driven decisions to deliver a solution relevant to your business model, products and services. Contact us today and avail of our video ad services at a discounted rate.

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