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Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses to grow

Need an effective digital marketing strategy for small business owners to grow their businesses?

Read this post to discover seven effective tactics you can put into action right away.

Digital marketing is a constantly changing and evolving landscape. The past two years have shown how quickly this can progress. We're seeing some new marketing trends, but not all of these marketing tactics may apply to your small business.

Limited budgets and resources can prevent you from experimenting with bold marketing trends. That being said, we can confidently say that there are many marketing strategies you can use to effectively build your brand and grow your small business. In this post, we'll discuss 7 marketing strategies for small businesses that deliver great results.

1. Personalised Email Marketing

Customers crave personal attention and email marketing is the perfect solution. As one of the most widely used marketing tactics for small businesses, email marketing is one of the favourite tactics for customer acquisition and retention.

Personalised emails go a long way in building a bond with your customers. Drip email campaigns with mailing list management tools can be used to nurture leads at different stages and make the buying process as smooth as possible. Personalised emails make your brand more real to your customers. Taking personalisation one step further, you can offer your loyal customers customised offers and coupons based on their past purchases and preferences.

2. Marketing Automation

Automation helps streamline many of your business processes. For small businesses, automating marketing processes to save time and increase staff efficiency is essential. Automation is one of the must-have marketing strategies for your business if you want to work and grow smart.

Get the best automation tools for email marketing, lead scoring and nurturing, structured content publishing, social media management, referral marketing, and more. Not only does automation improve team productivity, but it also improves conversion rates.

3. Brand Story

The days of harsh sales campaigns are over. 2023 is all about telling stories to market your products and services. Content marketing remains one of the best marketing tactics for small businesses, but it's taking a whole new approach.

Instead of telling your audience how great your product is, invest in creating custom content. Tell potential buyers how your product helped solve a customer's specific problem.

Did your product help your customers reach their specific goals faster? Present real-world examples and data. To increase the SEO value of your content, you can rely on top tools such as Semrush.

4. Influencer Marketing

Think influencer marketing is only useful for bigger brands? It's not. Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for small businesses to build brand awareness and generate quality leads.

Influencers have their own loyal followers on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok who interact with them and seek out personal recommendations. High engagement rates make this one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses. You can choose and sign influencer deals with influencers who work in your niche and location, endorsing your brand in an authentic style.

Assuming your business is rooted in the plant-based movement, you can partner with influencers who advocate a dairy-free or vegan lifestyle. Reach high-potential target groups with a small investment.

5. Google My Business Listing

Registering with Google My Business (GMB) is a must for small businesses to grow their online presence.

Why is it so important?

Because people visit 1.5 billion travel destinations every month based on Google searches, 76% of people looking for something nearby visit a store within a day of him. When potential customers are searching for your company online, it is imperative that you work towards building a strong online presence for your business.

A Google My Business listing can give your business the overall visibility and credibility you crave. This is why it has to be one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses.

6. Digital Event Marketing

In recent years, the popularity of digital events has skyrocketed. Webinars, online conferences, live discussions, and podcasts are powerful tools for brands to generate quality leads online.

Additionally, these online events provide an opportunity for brands to collect audience data and market directly to brands.

Small business owners can attend or host online events to showcase their products and how they offer solutions to specific challenges to their audience. Interacting with your audience through polls and polls can also help you understand audience preferences and optimise your marketing strategies accordingly.

7. Referral Marketing

One of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses is to leverage the goodwill of satisfied customers through various types of referral programmes. If shoppers are happy with your brand, ask them to spread the word about the products they love.

In the food industry, for example, learning how to please convenience-oriented customers increases the likelihood that they will recommend you to their network. You can encourage these customers to recommend your product to their friends and bring you qualified leads.

Choosing a Small Business Marketing Strategy

Your business is unique, and so is the marketing strategy you choose. However, what should not be overlooked here is that traditional marketing techniques such as billboards and flyers are still relevant and useful for some small businesses.

From referral marketing to using automated tools and local search engine optimisation, these digital marketing strategies can help your small business grow. DigitalxMarketing brings together a team of digital and business experts that can help you implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your business growth.

DigitalxMarketing Ltd has its head office in Wellington NZ with its support and resource centre based in the Philippines. DxM implements the latest digital strategies, tactics, tools, platforms and technologies to deliver integrated digital marketing services so your digital footprint can be found online.

Contact DigitalxMarketing today!

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