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Digital Marketing Skills You'll Need in 2023

Are you seeking a position in digital marketing?

You're on the correct path!

Digital marketing professionals are among the most in-demand positions.

What talents are required to be a successful digital marketing professional?

Because digital marketing is a large field with many customer-attraction strategies and platforms, the list of essential talents may be diverse.

The following are the top marketing abilities that will be popular in 2023:

Search Engine Optimization

The most demanded marketing method is organic visibility. Indeed, if you search for "Digital Marketing" on Linkedin Jobs, the results page is swamped by SEO job vacancies.

And it's obvious: every organisation, big and small, wants organic search traffic for two reasons:

It is pretty crucial and intent-driven: People who type questions into Google's search box are looking for answers and solutions.

It is not disruptive. Unlike almost any other channel, SEO does not disrupt browsing journeys: search users are there to find you, not to read feeds or check emails.

Furthermore, organic traffic is likely to continue even if a corporation discontinues aggressive efforts. It may slow down if a company does not maintain it, but it does not require active daily expenditures, only a competent team to support what is already there.

For all of these reasons, having SEO expertise and experience will most certainly be a significant asset to your resume. You can begin developing that expertise right now by actively investigating, taking SEO classes, and volunteering to assist charitable organisations in achieving their SEO objectives.

Content Planning

Most digital marketing initiatives rely heavily on content. A solid copy is required for almost everything, including organic or PPC landing sites, social media updates, email marketing, and so on.

Writing well is a technique that can be honed. It is advantageous to run a well-written blog or to contribute to well-known magazines.

Start by looking for paid blogging positions if you want to create a profession in digital marketing. You could also earn money while building your writing resume.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a rapidly expanding field that can improve the productivity and effectiveness of any marketing plan. Marketing automation may improve almost every strategy:

Setting up automatic notifications and reporting in SEO might help you get better outcomes.

In social media marketing, automation aids in the creation of more timely updates and responses.

Personalisation is possible in email marketing: you can set up smart users on how to reach out to your consumers at the most appropriate time. Cart abandonment email automation is an excellent example. Automation in sales can help to simplify follow-ups and lead nurturing.

Experience with marketing automation software is frequently required for high-level digital marketing employment. You can learn some fundamental automation abilities by using email marketing platforms, which all provide some amount of automation.

No-Code Development

Most brands want digital marketers that can use their content management platform on their own. WordPress is the most popular CMS, however, there are a few options to be aware of. When it comes to WordPress, knowing the most popular plugins, such as Yoast and Akismet, is always a plus.

The good news is that none of the content management tools meant for no-coding experience require significant technical skills. In most circumstances, figuring out a new CMS takes around a week.

Furthermore, all of these platforms have substantial knowledge bases and offer free trials or free plans that include free domains. So it's a good idea to start researching the leading CMSs so you can claim basic familiarity with all of them on your CV.

Because visual marketing is on the increase these days, graphic design is another key talent that will come in handy for a good digital marketer. However, there is no need to learn how to utilise any professional graphic design software. There are numerous internet tools available to assist you in creating images and films for use across various visual marketing channels. Canva is the most well-known.

Community Building

Most businesses understand the importance of cultivating a network of devoted consumers and brand ambassadors who may generate sales and trust signals.

Community building can take several forms:

  • Outreach to influencers and relationship building

  • Customer service management (CRM)

  • Outreach to journalists and bloggers

Community building is not a skill that can be claimed until you have real-world experience, but you can participate in online community building chances to obtain real-world experience while making a difference.

Communication and Collaboration

Digital marketing is frequently effectively integrated within a company. It has strong ties to the sales and customer service teams, the product development department, IT, and so on. You must be able to properly express your objectives to those teams, explain why particular things and site modifications are critical, and gather feedback.

Furthermore, because digital marketing is difficult to report, you must have strong communication skills to "sell" it to management.

Even if your experience is confined to working with freelancers, it is a good idea to include in your CV the type of cross-team and creative working experience you have.

Project Management

Any digital marketing plan is made up of numerous components. Some of these jobs are simple to accomplish, while others might take weeks, and the majority are ongoing.

Performing tasks effectively is a necessary ability for an efficient digital marketing approach. A smart project manager can communicate even the most complex messages via email.

Meetings can be conducted over the phone or in person. Based on the situation, they know which communication approach is the most successful and which will work brilliantly for their audience. Successful project managers understand the importance of remaining silent and listening.

They can comprehend not only the needs of their clients but also how to address those wants while taking into account the ideas of their team. There are numerous tools and apps available to assist teams in managing projects and completing tasks. Knowing some of them is a good first step in mastering this talent.

Remote Working

If there is one clear and long-term influence of COVID on corporate lives, it is that remote working has grown considerably more common and popular.

Before the global smackdown, many companies were wary about allowing employees to work from home. The epidemic has changed that: many firms have realised that they no longer need to invest large sums of money in transferring employees and covering office costs. Employees who work from home can be just as productive.

Working efficiently from home is required for virtual professional routes such as digital marketing.

Data Literacy

A good digital marketer does not have to be a skilled data analyst. In reality, a data analyst is a distinct profession that is currently in high demand.

However, you must be able to use web analytics solutions efficiently to measure results and adapt your plan accordingly. Google Analytics is the most used online analytics software these days, so start using it for your site if you haven't already.

It is also beneficial to become acquainted with cross-platform digital marketing tools that can consolidate multiple data sources (Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook Insights, and so on). These will assist you in creating professional reports, monitoring your channels, and analysing marketing data.


While honing your numerous digital marketing talents is crucial, don't wait until you've mastered them all. At the end of the day, your distinct personality is your most valuable asset. Begin developing your brand, keep an eye out for relevant employment openings, and never stop studying!

DigitalxMarketing can help guide you in reaching your marketing goals.

DigitalxMarketing Ltd has its head office in Wellington NZ with its support and resource centre based in the Philippines. DigitalxMarketing implements the latest digital strategies, tactics, tools, platforms and technologies to deliver integrated digital marketing services so your digital footprint can be found online.

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