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The 8 Digital Marketing Essentials that SMBs & BOs need to know right now!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Your business needs to keep abreast of developing marketing channels, technologies and digital tools to ensure that you reach and develop your existing customers, find and convert new customers and try to keep ahead of your competitors. It’s a big ask when you’re a small/medium business (SMB) or business owner (BO). You have 24 hours in a day, limited staff and financial resources and an ever growing list of priorities. So what do you do? That’s the inspiration behind our list of The 8 Digital Marketing Essentials that SMBs and BOs need to know right now! Having worked in and founded multiple small businesses in the UK and overseas, I understand the daily demands. Some days you are lucky to have time for coffee, let alone read about new marketing innovations and plan your marketing and sales activities for the day/week/month/quarter etc. Well you’ve taken the time to request our list. Now you need to read and action it. To some, that will be the challenge. Did you know, Google have over 150 Digital tools that can be used in your digital marketing and at last count, there are more than 250 Social networks and platforms. Today people access information at anytime from anywhere by using a multiple number of digital devices.

The dramatic growth in use of mobile devices means you need to be mobile ready. If you are not mobile ready you need to understand this is already dictating prospective customers’ decision making process and may already be affecting your business right now. 57% of mobile users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. CMS Report, 2015. 93% of daily Facebook use is mobile only. Facebook UK 2016. With all successful sales and marketing efforts, you need to understand your customers. Once you profile them, understand their motivations and define your target market, you can better understand how to engage and grow your business. There’s no “one size fits all” digital marketing solution. Yes, some traditional sales and marketing methods may still be relevant, but your strength now lies in understanding the other activities available and seeing which works for you. Digital marketing is not just about having a Website or a Facebook page, today it’s about continually talking to your existing and prospective customers across multiple platforms. Platforms they use every day. It’s also about measuring your activities’ return on investment (ROI) so you know what’s working. With so many tools available to measure ROI today it is easier than ever to get back in control of your sales and marketing spend to make sure it delivers every time. That’s got to be good news for any business. If you would like to discuss any aspect of digital marketing or have a free, no obligation discussion with me about your specific sales and marketing business challenges, please let us know.

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