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Challenges of Doing Your Own Facebook Advertising

On the surface, Facebook advertising appears simple: you simply design and upload ads. If you have marketing skills, it may be tempting to launch your social media advertising campaign. However, Facebook advertising necessitates a degree of skill and strategy that not all businesses possess.

When you attempt to handle your own Facebook advertising, you run the danger of causing several problems that will make your campaign less successful (and less profitable). Many of the businesses we meet come to us because they are having issues with their Facebook advertising. They require our assistance in resolving these challenges and running successful campaigns.

The top ten issues we find from businesses that attempt to manage their Facebook ads are listed below.

Choosing the Wrong Audience

One of the most critical aspects of running a successful Facebook advertising campaign is getting your ad in front of people who are interested in what your company has to offer. For example, if your typical consumer is a 20-something single male in Wellington, you must ensure that your Facebook advertising appears on the accounts of young men who suit this profile. Furthermore, you must ensure that your advertisement is engaging to these young males.

Unfortunately, many firms inadvertently target the wrong demographic. Alternatively, they do not establish any parameters for where their Facebook ads display, which is similarly terrible. As a result, these advertisements do not bring in new consumers because they do not reach the people who could be interested in the things they have to offer. However, with our assistance, you can discover and target the right demographic, resulting in a more successful (and profitable) campaign.

Conversions and click-through rates are not being tracked.

You won't determine how effective your campaign is unless you track the reaction to your Facebook advertising. Unfortunately, many firms either do not recognise the need for tracking or do not know how to implement it. As a result, they conduct a Facebook marketing campaign without knowing whether their advertising is affecting their business.

Leaving Out a Website Link

If Facebook users want to learn more about your company, they must be able to navigate to your website. While some people may Google your company name after viewing your ad, the majority will want to visit your website by clicking on it. You will lose business if you do not include a link in your advertisement.

Failure to Perform A/B Testing

Different Facebook advertising will elicit different responses based on their messages, images, or styles. One of the issues we see with businesses that try to run their own Facebook advertisements is a lack to test multiple ads to see which ones receive the best reaction. As a result, they lose business that they could have gained with a better advertisement.

Failing to Use Compelling Images

Images are critical to the success of a Facebook advertisement. They are frequently the reason a person clicks on the ad. That is why it is critical to include a striking image with each advertisement. To enhance the performance of your article or ad, avoid using generic photos and instead use distinctive, bright images that express your brand.

Activating the Boost Button

Targeting and tracking your Facebook advertisements is critical for ensuring that you are targeting the proper demographic and that your ad is accomplishing your objectives. Unfortunately, instead of spending the time to target and track their ads, many businesses that run their own Facebook advertising use the Boost button. While this button may increase the number of people who see your article, it does so without targeting the audience you want to reach.

Not Investing Enough Time

Facebook advertising, like any other marketing campaign, takes time. You cannot simply make and post an advertisement. You must research to determine your target audience.

Failure to Understand Facebook's Rules

Facebook has a set of guidelines that govern what kind of content you can reference in your ad, how you can incorporate Facebook's name in your advertisements, how much text you can include in your ads, and so on. Failure to follow these standards may result in your ad being rejected by Facebook. Many businesses, however, fail to read these rules and, as a result, struggle to manage an effective campaign.

Keeping the Hyperlink in Place

While a connection to your website is required in your Facebook advertising, you don't have to leave a URL in the text. It is both unprofessional and needless to do so.

Making Excessively Busy Advertisements

When it comes to Facebook advertising strategies, many businesses make the mistake of believing that more is better. Too many visuals and messages compete with one another and confuse your viewers. Unless your viewers can tell what you're selling at a look, they're likely to go on to another, less busy ad.

DigitalxMarketing may be the only thing you need to do to have a more successful Facebook ad campaign. You may avoid blunders like the ones outlined above by utilising our experience. Instead, your campaign will be more profitable because your advertising will reach your target demographic with clear and compelling content.

DigitalxMarketing Ltd has its head office in Wellington NZ with its support and resource centre based in the Philippines. DigitalxMarketing implements the latest digital strategies, tactics, tools, platforms and technologies to deliver integrated digital marketing services so your digital footprint can be found online.

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