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10 of the Most Popular Website Types

Updated: Apr 13

10 of the Most Popular Website Types

One of the best methods to establish your online presence is by building a website. If a website's content or appearance is unappealing, 38% of users stop visiting it, according to Adobe. The majority of consumers base their judgement of a company's credibility on its website, according to Stanford's Web Credibility Research.

However, you must choose the kind of website you want to build before starting your own. Here is a list of some of the most widely used websites right now:

- eCommerce website

- Business website

- Blog website

-Portfolio website

- Event website

- Personal website

- Membership website

- Non-profit website

- Informational website

- Online forum

1. eCommerce website

You can sell products from your online store through the use of an eCommerce website. To sell products via a third-party distributor, you can even implement a dropshipping strategy into your online business.

Website templates for online stores come with customisable eCommerce elements like category pages and menu bars with company details. Secure checkout is currently being developed to protect client information from hackers and data breaches.

2. Business website

A business website develops your brand's online presence, whether you're building a startup website or a consultancy website.

Your choice of photography is one element that should never be overlooked on your company website, according to Jenna Romano, a web design specialist for the Wix blog. "The images on your website, such as the photos, logo, and colour schemes, will entice visitors to your design and promote the overall tone of your company. If I could offer you one piece of advice, it would be to remember that modern mobile devices are really adept at creating expert, high-resolution files. Therefore, don't let the expense of hiring a professional photographer deter you from creating a custom photoshoot for your website. ”

3. Blog website

People can share written and visual information on blogs about anything they like. By utilising affiliate links or collaborating with marketers, you can even earn money blogging. Travel, culinary, and lifestyle blogs are some of the most well-liked categories of blogs. 86 percent of organisations use blogging as part of their content marketing plan to get leads through organic traffic and social shares, despite the fact that it originally started as a tool for people to express their thoughts online.

4. Portfolio website

Websites for portfolios are used by creative professionals like graphic designers, writers, and artists to compile and exhibit samples of their work. In this approach, prospective employers can quickly review someone's talents and competence by visiting their portfolio.

5. Event website

An event website makes it easier to manage events, from invitations to marketing to follow-up. Your website serves as the focal point of your event marketing initiatives and is its major command post. You may also use your website as the venue for a virtual event if you want to reach a large audience; this might not be a terrible idea as virtual events, according to 80% of event organisers, are more accessible to people.

6. Personal website

A personal website is a great method to increase your internet visibility. To showcase your uniqueness and interests, you can make a personal website, such as a fan site or a website for a pastime. To showcase who they are and their professional accomplishments, people also use personal and CV website themes.

These personal websites resembles portfolios but usually have fewer aesthetic components because the main goal isn't necessary to showcase previous work.

7. Membership website

By requiring users to register or pay a fee in order to access all of the website's features, a membership website assures exclusivity. Perhaps you have a magazine or other publication online that readers must subscribe to view. As an alternative, you might want to establish a members-only page to a commercial or nonprofit website so that users can access exclusive content. By doing this, you may grow your revenue streams, foster loyalty and trust among your members, and boost website traffic.

8. Non-profit website

You can make a website that educates visitors about the mission, objectives, and guiding principles of your company using a non-profit website template. Include details about previous events, your mission statement, and a donations page on all websites, whether they are for a school, church, or animal rescue organisation.

9. Informational websites

Websites that provide information serve as a resource. Websites for news organisations and encyclopaedias are two examples. To pique readers' interest and provide search functionality so users can locate what they're looking for, they frequently offer lengthy text.

10. Online forum

By limiting access to members exclusively, an online forum enables you to create a community around a common interest and even allows website owners or businesses to make money. Users can communicate with people who share their vocations, hobbies, or worldviews, debate issues, compare experiences, and ask questions. Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR, states, "I'm a major lover of online communities. One of the best things that could have possible happened to collaborative creativity, in my opinion, is asynchronous internet-based communication forums like Reddit and other discussion forums.

They also enable interaction between site visitors and its owner. It's the perfect place to gather online, whether your forum is focused on video games, environmental sustainability, or gluten-free dessert recipes. You can create a blank slate for your informational website and then only add the required web pages. If a news website template is more appropriate for your objectives, consider using it instead.

How to choose the ideal website type for you

Think about your website's plans and objectives. A company website is the logical choice if you're establishing a business, and a blog template makes sense if you're beginning a blog. This may be the case for some people when deciding which sort of website to construct.

However, there is frequently overlap, so the decision may not always be clear-cut. You might wish to launch an online store with a blog or a website for events with a members-only section. For instance, the non-profit Mammoth March, which organises a number of hikes across the US, has a specific blog page with advice and motivation.

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