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Considering a career as a General Practitioner in New Zealand?

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Whether you’re aiming for a permanent position or prefer the locum lifestyle, the process is now more straightforward than ever.

GPs fall under the Tier 1 category on New Zealand’s Green List, making them eligible for the Straight to Residence Visa. This visa allows you to apply for New Zealand residency before you even arrive, as long as you have a job offer from an accredited employer. Additional benefits of this visa include the ability to purchase property and accumulate employer superannuation immediately upon entering the country, bypassing the usual 2-year waiting period.

To qualify for residence through this pathway, you need:

  • A job offer from an Accredited Employer

  • A contract of 12 months or more

  • A role listed on the Green List

  • Medical Registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand

  • To be under the age of 55

  • To meet Health and Character requirements

  • In some cases, to meet English Language requirements


Working as a General Practitioner (GP) in New Zealand offers a fulfilling career path filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. International medical graduates (IMGs) must first ensure their qualifications are recognised by the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), which typically involves passing the MCNZ’s registration examinations or completing a comparable health system training program in countries like the UK, Ireland, Canada, or the USA.

Once recognised, doctors must apply for registration in the General scope, which may require working under supervision for a period, depending on their experience and qualifications. After gaining registration, GPs can either join an existing practice or work independently, though most opt for group practices to benefit from support and shared resources.

New Zealand has specific needs in rural and underserved areas, offering additional incentives and support for GPs willing to work in these locations. These positions not only meet critical healthcare needs but also provide a unique lifestyle and community involvement that can be exceptionally rewarding.

Why GlobalFreedom?

  • Tailored Job Matching: We understand your unique skills and career aspirations, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

  • Comprehensive Support: We guide you through every step of the process.

  • Exclusive Opportunities: Access to a network of esteemed clinics and hospitals across New Zealand, offering roles that match your expertise and passion.

  • Ongoing Assistance: Our support doesn’t end when you start your job. We provide continuous assistance to ensure your transition is smooth and successful.

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