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We are looking for Auto Electricians

Job Description Summary


An auto electrician is responsible for diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems in vehicles. They specialise in troubleshooting issues related to electrical components, including wiring, batteries, starters, alternators, and lighting systems. Their role also involves installing and upgrading electrical accessories and ensuring the overall safety and functionality of the vehicle's electrical systems.


Duties and Responsibilities


As an Auto Electrician, you will work positively within a team servicing, repairing and maintaining a large fleet of vehicles and associated equipment such as Elevated work platforms/aerial appliances, automated computer systems, electric pneumatic systems and various integrated OEM heavy vehicle systems.


You will ensure the quality of work completed internally and by external service providers is always maintained and provide technical advice and training as required.


You will also be provided with continuous on-the-job training and undertake a variety of relevant High-Risk licence(s) training.  Once appropriately trained, you will take part in a 24-hour roster system where you are required to be on call, to provide technical support.


You may also be called upon to provide technical support on the ground and in the field.


This is a unique opportunity for a first-class auto-electrician to bring your enthusiasm and positive attitude to a friendly, fast-paced environment where your commitment and hard work are rewarded.  If you love the idea of working with a highly-regarded team who commits to quality service provision, this is the role for you.


Job Specific tasks


  • using test equipment to locate electrical and electronic malfunctions

  • dismantling and removing electrical and electronic assemblies and components

  • installing electrical equipment and electronic components in motor vehicles

  • connecting power-operated vehicle equipment and accessories to the power supply

  • adjusting engine control systems and timing

  • testing and replacing defective alternators, generators, voltage regulators and starter motors

  • repairing and replacing faulty ignition and electrical wiring

  • replacing defective parts such as fuses, lamps and switches



TYPE: Year

MIN: 105,000

MAX: 165,000


Type of Employment: Full-time

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