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Create a Facebook Ads account using Business Manager

If you're an advertiser on Facebook who shares access to multiple Pages and ad accounts with other people, we recommend you transition to Business Manager. Business Manager is a more secure way to manage your Pages and ad accounts. You can see who's working on what and what they have access to see and work on.

For agencies, this means you can link multiple client Facebook Pages to your Facebook Business Manager account without linking your or your employees’ personal Facebook accounts as administrators.

For businesses, it also means allowing employees to manage your Facebook Page without essentially having over ownership of your Page or assets.

Below are the benefits of Facebook Business Manager:

  • Separate your personal profile from your business page.

  • Effectively manage multiple Facebook Ad Accounts and Pages in one place.

  • Securely share access with multiple people.

  • Control how much access each employee has based on their role.

  • Easily revoke access for people who no longer work for you.

  • Build different custom audiences for different ad campaigns.

In this post, we will guide you on how to create Facebook Ads using Business Manager. Let’s dive in.

  • Create a Business Manager Account

1.Go to in your browser.

2. Click in “Create Account” on the top right corner.

3. If you are not logged in to your personal Facebook account you’ll be asked to log in:

4. You are now creating your Business Manager Account:

  1. Enter your Business name.

  2. Note: This name is visible to your employees or other people that you allow managing your assets.

  3. Press Continue, and enter your name and your business email, and click “Next”.

  4. Add your Business Details and select whether you are creating this account to promote your own goods or services or to provide services to other businesses (if you are an agency that will advertise for other businesses you’ll pick the latter)

d. Your Business Manager is now created! Click the link you received on your email to confirm your account.

e. You will be taken to your Business Manager Home page:

  • Create an Ad Account on Business Manager

1. In your Business Manager Home page click on “Go to Business Settings”:

2. Click on “+Add”:

3. Click “Create a New Ad Account”

4. Insert the details for your new Ad Account:

  1. Note: Pay attention to the currency you want to be used for your account as you can not edit this in the future. You can always create a new Ad Account If you want to do so.

5. Select whether you are creating this Ad Account for your business, or to advertise on behalf of another business.

6. You will now be prompted to assign people to your Ad Account, for now, you will only add yourself.

  1. In the future, you might want to add employees or contractors to that Ad account as well.

7. Your ad account has been created! If you don’t have a Payment Method set up you will want to do it now:

8. Click on “Add a Payment Method”:

9. Click on “Select an Ad Account and use Ads Manager to change its primary payment method” (If you don’t see the menu below refresh your browser):

10. Select the Ad Account you just created (first column) click the dropdown icon in the top right corner, and click “View Payment Methods”:

11. Click on “Add Payment Method”

12. Select “Payment Method from Business Manager”:

13. You will be prompted to select from a list of payments you have set up on Business Manager. Select the one you want to use for this account and press “Continue” followed by “Make Primary”.

14. You will see a message appear on the top confirming your Payment Method was added to your Ad account:

15. That’s it! If you now go to your Business Manager Home page you should now be able to see your new Facebook Ad Account:

Make the most of this guide to learn how to use the Facebook Business Manager. If you need further assistance, DigitalxMarketing is more than happy to lend a helping hand.

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