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Configuring your Facebook Ads Conversion Events

With the release of iOS 14, Facebook Ads will now only allow you to optimize your campaigns for one of the 8 configured conversion events you select for your domain.

The Facebook Website Conversion objective helps you to grow business on your website. Whether you want page visits, sales or another action, website conversion ads encourage people to go to your website and do something.

The prerequisites for you to be able to accomplish this are the following;

  • You should have created a Business Manager account for your site

  • You should have installed the Facebook Pixel on your site

  • You should have already set up conversion tracking

  • You’ll need to have verified your domain inside Business Manager

Below are the step-by-step procedures on how to configure your Facebook Ads conversion events.

Configure Aggregated Event Measurement

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Manager dashboard and click on the account you want to work on.

2. Click on “Events Manager”

3. Select your Facebook Pixel from the list of data sources:

4. Click on “Aggregated Event Measurement”

5. Next, click on “Configure Web Events”

6. You’ll see a list of your verified domains. You’ll be able to configure up to 8 conversion events per domain. Facebook will try to suggest events for you, but you can edit these. Click on the domain you wish to edit and click “Edit Events”

7. Next, you’ll be able add and reorder our web events. Important: if you have any campaigns optimizing for events not included in your list, those campaigns will be turned off by Facebook.

  • Click “Add Event” to add more events, you’re allowed to add up to 8 events.

  • Next, choose if you want to add standard events or custom events.

  • And select the specific event you wish to add

  • Re-order your events in order of priority by dragging and dropping. The events that are most important to your business (e.g. purchases) should be at the top, and the least important (e.g. page views) should be at the bottom.

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