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Your doorway to a worry-free working holiday 

Are you a UK Citizen aged 18-35 years old?

Live and work in Western Australia for up to 3 years. Earn over AUD$100,000 p.a. 


You will need help organising all the things you need to do before departing the UK. 


We are the safe hands to guide you through to Perth, be employment ready and find a tailored role in the highly rewarding mining industry. Safe and secure.



Your Working Holiday to Australia starts here...

Make your relocation from the UK to Perth, Western Australia a reality with GlobalFreedom. Take away the worry and risk with the comfort of your own dedicated Account Manager. 


GlobalFreedom make relocating to a new country and gaining employment easy and hassle free. Your ticket to freedom.


We offer a level of service unavailable elsewhere, with many years experience in the industry to back it up.


Discover how the highly rewarding mining industry will help fund your travels and set yourself up for life. A strategy for your success, and your dreams wth GlobalFreedom as your personal assistant to take the stress away.


If you are a Working Holidaymaker, or on your Gap Year and ready for an adventure, we have an exciting opportunity for you in Perth, Western Australia.


A combination of skills shortages and new government immigration regulations presents you with a life-changing opportunity to work in Australia's mining industry while on your Working Holiday visa.


There are a range of entry-level jobs that require no specific qualifications and you can expect to earn in excess of AUD$100,000 per annum in most cases. A marvellous opportunity to earn great money, see the world and break free.


Entry-level jobs include positions such as Housekeeping, Maintenance, Driller Offsider, Trade Assistant, Kitchenhand, Bar, Retail, Ground person, Cleaners, Gym & fitness trainers and Administration. There are also other opportunities for those with specialist skills.


From the moment you decide you're going to leave the UK, to the exciting day you touch down in Perth and beyond, you will benefit by having GlobalFreedom to support you all the way. That’s what we do for you.

Why Australia? Picture pristine beaches, rugged outback terrain and a lifestyle that seamlessly blends work and play – all waiting to be discovered. Australia is the number one working holiday destination for UK citizens in the world with between 35,000 - 50,000 UK citizens going into Australia each year on the WHM visa category. 

We will help you with everything you need to prepare for your journey, how to get your visa, essential packing tips and insights on how to get a job in the mining industry. Follow our advice for landing your first mining job, how to craft a standout resume/CV, ace interviews and making a lasting impression on potential employers. As with all industries there are processes to follow to ensure you are employment ready.


But beyond the practicalities, this isn't just about seeking a job – you're planning your new lifestyle. A lifestyle that offers the freedom to live Downunder, work that buys you time, provides you with financial security, gives you freedom, and an escape from the mundane existence you will leave behind in the UK.


It’s time to travel, time to grow and time to go.


So whether you're dreaming of adventure, seeking financial freedom, or simply eager to see what lies beyond the horizon, Australia awaits. With our help and support, you'll be well-equipped to seize every opportunity and make the most of your Australian adventure.


Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? 


Let's embark on this journey together. We are here to help you and to provide the tools you need to make this happen. GlobalFreedom experts have worked with working holiday programs around the world since 1992. We know this business and our expertise will support you to make this a reality.


The GlobalFreedom Team

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Business Meeting


                   The GlobalFreedom VIP Package

If you are a UK citizen aged 18-35, wanting to live in Australia on the Working Holiday visa for up to 3 years and want to get an entry level job in the high paying mining industry in Western Australia

then our GlobalFreedom VIP Package is exactly what you need.


Included in the package is:


1.  A Dedicated GlobalFreedom Account Manager and Consultant that will work with you, that you can contact at any time to get the support and information you need as you embark on your relocation to Perth. This includes our unlimited support up until you find suitable employment. This will be invaluable for discovering what you need to do.

3. Pre-departure 1:2:1 consultation to work out your individualised plan and strategy. We will delve deep into your background, aspirations, and existing skills. We’ll explore your past work, life, and study experiences to uncover your strengths and identify the roles within a fly-in, fly-out mining job that align best with your profile. Together, we’ll develop a tailored strategy to maximise your chances of securing your desired position, ensuring every step you take brings you closer to a successful outcome. This is where we recommend certain courses, training and tickets you need to be employment ready.

4.  Creating your CV relevant to the Australian Mining Industry. This is the only document you have to attract the attention of employers. It needs to be prepared and presented in an industry specific format. It needs to be recognised by Applicant Tracking Systems. We do that for you.

5.  Arrival 1:2:1 consultation with your Dedicated Account Manager.  Once you have arrived in Australia our next meeting with you supports you with all the things you need to deal with upon arrival. That could be, how to get casual employment until you get a job offer in the mining industry. Getting a bank account open, setting up the right mobile phone package, registering for tax, finding temporary accommodation, attending training courses and tickets to work in the mines. It can be a stressful and anxious time when you first relocate to a new country but you can be confident in the knowledge we will be there by your side and can support you with the information you need whilst navigating your new life in Australia.

6. Membership to our GlobalFreedom online community/Facebook group for UK Working Holidaymakers where you can make contact and communicate with likeminded people who are on the same journey and experience as you.

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2.  Our book "How to get into the Australian mining industry on a Working Holiday Maker visa" covers what you need to do before you depart the UK and what you need to do to land a job once you are in Australia. This book covers everything from how to get your visa, the documents you need to take with you, how to transfer a driver's licence, medical and travel insurance, how to go about applying for work and everything in between. Rest assured we have the information and answers you need.

Our VIP Package includes a free copy of our "Safety Guide" document 

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Your Australian mining adventure starts here!
Look at these videos to learn more

Australia is experiencing  shortages of people wanting to work in the Mining Industry

The management team at GlobalFreedom has worked with various Working Holiday Maker programs around the world since 1992.  We have helped literally thousands and thousands of young travellers make their dreams come true.   Here are some publications and brands that demonstrate our experience.  We have been there before.

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Rugby Development programs in NZ for aspiring Professional Rugby Players

Why use GlobalFreedom?

Once you have made that big decision to strike out for freedom, reality will set in. What should I do next?  What do I do when I get there?  And a million other questions.


You’ve read the information, seen the many videos, and are feeling overwhelmed, perhaps a little nervous, to go with your new excitement. There is an awful lot to take in and much to do and even more to learn.


You have two basic choices:


  1. Try and do everything yourself. A learning curve sharper than a razor blade. And make all the beginners' mistakes of which there are many. 

  2. Engage GlobalFreedom and have personal help right through the whole journey, from beginning to end. 


We are a company with over 30 years experience working with Working Holidaymakers, authored numerous books on the subject and have helped thousands, of people just like you to make the transition.


With GlobalFreedom at your side, navigating the complexities of relocating to the other side of the world and finding rewarding opportunities in the mining field will be much easier. In fact, never easier. Safe, stress-free, and profitable.


Here is a snapshot of what we do:


  1. Tailored Guidance: Every individual's journey is unique. We tailor guidance and support to your specific skills, experience, and career aspirations.

  2. Comprehensive Support: A to Z. From writing and formatting your industry-specific CV, interview preparation,  relocation assistance, security and ongoing support, we provide assistance at every stage of your journey.

  3. Security & Safety:  International travel is full of traps for the inexperienced. Your family and yourself will have the comfort of our experience to guide you safely through your journey.

  4. Adventure Awaits: GlobalFreedom helps you embrace the adventure of living and working in Australia. Discover the country's stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and endless opportunity for exploration.

  5. Industry Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience with Working Holiday Maker Visa programs. We use our network to connect you with reputable employers and exciting job prospects.


GlobalFreedom is your ticket to an exciting, safe and profitable future.


Want more information?

Fill in the form with your contact details and we will reach out to you.
It’s time to travel, time to grow and time to go.

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Information and Disclaimer: GlobalFreedom is a trading division of DxM Ltd NZBN 9429048657068. Our Head Office is based in Wellington, New Zealand. GlobalFreedom provides managed services for working holiday maker programmes and Digital Nomads. We do not provide visa services or advice and none of the information on our pages or verbally provided should be construed as such. We work with Employers, Recruitment Consultants, and Agencies to provide introductions for work opportunities but this is not a guarantee of employment.

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