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Funnels - Design, Build & Projections

If you are selling online or implementing digital marketing strategies,  your conversions and return on investment can increase substantially with the use of sales and marketing funnels, that are designed well, with good copy, and have an automated process of follow-up.

At DigitalxMarketing, we use the latest technology, tools and, software to help you design, build and optimise your sales and marketing funnels.

If you are doing business online then using sales and marketing funnels is essential to drive engagement, build contacts and increase sales. Good design, implementation, and strategies are the difference between your business making a profit or a loss.

So if you want to market your business and drive sales online, and find out whether your funnels will return a profit then read on to learn more.

A simple funnel outline can look like this

Sales Funnel

What are Sales and Marketing funnels?


Sales and marketing funnels are different ways to direct your traffic, gain awareness, drive engagement and, nurture leads until you convert them into a client or customer. You might be running an ad on Facebook or Google Adwords and take your traffic to a sales funnel like the one below.

Sales Funnel image

However, you may be doing various campaigns or using content in a way to make potential customers become aware of who you are with the objective of generating new leads and your strategy might involve taking them through their customer value journey and nurturing them at different stages.

Sales Funnel 3

Funnels help you achieve these important outcomes:

  • Create awareness for your brand, product, or service

  • Increase interest in what you have to offer

  • Evoke a desire for purchase through education and information

  • Help leads perform a desirable action

  • Move leads through the funnel to the final purchase.

DigitalxMarketing use a range of the latest software tools to be able to design, build and launch funnels.


Typically Funnel building software includes features such as:

  • Drag-and-drop page builder

  • Customer Checkout

  • Lead generation tool

  • Opt-in forms

  • Live or automated email/SMS marketing campaigns

  • Sales funnel builder

  • Membership areas

  • Helpdesk

  • Video hosting with in-play promotional pop-ups

  • Calendars

Before you set up your next Sales and Marketing funnel, Landing Page, Email sequence of traffic campaigns, make sure you use our DigitalxMarketing profit forecasting and simulation software.


Our Funnel Simulator software will let you quickly model & simulate the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel or business idea before you create landing pages or buy traffic - which saves you time & money!

Here’s How Our “Funnel Simulator" Software Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes And Shortcut Your Way To Starting & Scaling A Successful Marketing Funnel...

 Plan Smarter: Save time & money!

 Simulate before you build!

 Discover your funnel's potential!

 Model all your business ideas!

 Avoid costly marketing mistakes!

 Find optimisation opportunities!

 Simulate traffic before buying!

Plan Your Next Big Online Business Idea Or Optimise & Scale Your Existing Business


Create Beautiful
Funnel Maps

Quickly & easily make visual diagrams of any Marketing Funnel. Yes/No pathways, follow-up communications, and more. Create a Funnel Map from scratch or use one of our many industry-specific pre-made Blueprint Projects to save you time.



Use Hypothetical
Or Actual Data

DxM Simulate let’s you enter hypothetical Funnel data & settings OR you can enter actual data from an existing Funnel or Business you might have — or you can use a combination of BOTH for planning purposes.


Powerful Built-In
Logic Engine

The real ‘magic’ behind DxM Simulate is how it will automatically calculate potential revenue, profit, ROI, and other metrics from any Funnel Simulation you create. Make any change… presto. DxM Simulate instantly shows you the new numbers.


Simulate Traffic &
Ad Campaigns

DxM Simulate is a fantastic tool to ‘show’ prospective clients what we plan to build for them as well as some of the potential results! You can also use DxM Simulate each step of the way by visually showing what’s been done so 

far and what is planned.


Simulation &
Optimisation Reports

DxM Simulate lets you run powerful reports for any Funnel Simulation you create.

The DxM Funnel Mapping Software

Geru output

DxM Simulate lets you design funnel maps as simple or as complex as you want.

Traffic Entry Points

Traffic Entry Points

Create multiple “entry points” where traffic will enter your funnel. You don’t always want to traffic to only start at the first object of your funnel.

Upsells & Downsells

Upsells & Downsells

Easily add an Upsell or Downsell to your funnel to sell more products & services to your customers during the checkout process for your front-end, main product.

Yes No Pathways

Yes/No Pathways

Create Yes/No behavioral pathways in your funnel. It’s now just as important what you do with visitors that take the actions you want them to take as those that immediately don’t.

Opt-In Forms

Opt-In Forms

It’s critically important to capture a prospect’s email address and permission to email them. Use the Opt-in Form object (and set the opt-in rate) to begin an email follow-up process.

Sales Pages & Order Forms

Sales Pages & Order Forms

Add Sales Pages and Order Forms wherever you sell products & services in your funnel. You can add more than one product for a Sales Page, and also set your Cart Abandonment rate.

Email Sequences

Email Sequences

Map out pre-scheduled, automated email follow-up sequences to drive your prospects to different Landing Pages within your funnel. Email sequences are a must-use strategy.

Wait Timers

Wait Timers

You can add a ‘Wait’ mechanism anywhere in your funnel to have your pre-scheduled actions happen over a longer time period. Use a “1-Day” wait to send out an email the next day, for example.

FB Messenger Bots

FB Messenger Bots

ChatBots are becoming more important than ever for Digital Marketing. These automated ‘interactive’ sequences are a great way to send your prospects to different parts of your funnel.


Webinar (Live & Recorded)

DxM Simulate let’s you simulate & plan any type of Webinar Campaign — and simulate the profitability. Live Webinars, Replays, or On-demand. See results based on Attendance & Purchase Rates.

Multipath Surveys

Multi-Path Surveys

Survey Marketing is becoming more and more valuable for targeted Digital Marketing. Create different Marketing Funnel paths based on the answers a prospect chooses in a survey.

Content Pages

Content Pages

Sending prospects & customers to different types of content (blog posts, videos, whitepapers, etc.) is an important part of Digital Marketing. This object has an optional call-to-action built-in.

Application Forms

Application Forms

If you use an “application” process of any kind (such as for a Consulting funnel) you can easily simulate the application process (and conversions for it) by using this object.

SMS Phone Activity

SMS & Phone Activity

You can use DxM Simulate to model inbound or outbound text messages or phone calls for any funnel you create. Set the rate at which your prospects take any of these actions to simulate the results.

Primary Front End

Canvas Notes

Add multiple “Notes” anywhere you want on your Project Designs. Notes are useful to help you (or client) understand ‘what’s happening’ at different parts of your Marketing Funnel.

Custom Object Colors

Custom Object Colors

DxM Simulate allows you to change the colors for any Objects you use to design your Funnel Map. Use the same color for all of your Objects, or change them individually. It’s up to you.

Listen to what our customers have to say about us...

"As a new start-up, we wanted to implement a Social Media strategy to our local community and to do digital marketing to launch the business. Thanks to DigitalxMarketing it has been a success. Thank you."

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