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Digital Marketing for Law Firms

  • Most clients engage the first law firm they contact.


  • Most people wanting legal advice look online first.


  • Most law firms gain new clients through their website


Powerful reasons why you need to be online with an effective digital marketing strategy.


Special needs for Law Firms...

Maintain your professional image while ensuring new and existing clients receive your promotional messages. Our digital marketing framework is designed to deliver more clients and more revenue without tarnishing your image as a conservative and trusted legal practice. 


You must be online...

All your potential clients are online and you need to be too. Every dollar invested can be measured and accounted for with digital. No more hit and miss, only more business.


Demands of legal work…

With all the demands of legal work, we know that there isn’t enough time for you to create a successful digital marketing strategy much less implement it. And there is no need to with DigitalxMarketing.

The right framework…

That is where we come in. We have developed frameworks that work for law firms. The package includes us doing it all for you, or training your staff, or a mixture of both.

Websites are a priority…

Your website is the centre of your marketing universe. It is often the first impression your potential clients will have of you. We will ensure your website is aligned with your marketing objectives and in sympathy with your desired image as a trusted legal practice.

Stay ahead of the competition…

Don’t let your competitors take business away from you through a weak online presence. Our digital framework will maximise your online presence and ensure you are ahead of the game. You can be the standout in your field with a powerful digital strategy.

We have a range of services and packages for the smallest firm and budget, to digital upgrades, and ongoing campaign management. Contact us to discover how we can help you market your services and help your firm and practice grow.

Partner with us and we can do the following for you:

Welcome Or Intro Post For Facebook Group
Law Firm SEO
Welcome Or Intro Post For Facebook Group
Law Firm Social Media
Welcome Or Intro Post For Facebook Group
Law Firm Email Marketing
Welcome Or Intro Post For Facebook Group
Law Firm Paid Advertising
Welcome Or Intro Post For Facebook Group
Law Firm Website Development
Welcome Or Intro Post For Facebook Group
Law Firm Content Marketing

Listen to what our customers have to say about us...

"We wanted to build brand awareness of our firm. DigitalxMarketing's strategy with Facebook and Google has made it easy for us and we don't have to worry."

Eugene Collins
Collins & May

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